Monkeys Seize A Physician 猴劫醫人

In the hills around Changtai Village, within Jiangshan County in Quzhou, there were many monkeys, with groups of hundreds and thousands approaching the stream to drink, and each the size of a person.  All who travelled through to trade had to face their robbery, not taking human lives but stealing their property, leading gangs to grab them by the arms and carrying off their booty to high peaks, so people could not find it, but just had to become used to the situation. It happened that Mr Chai the physician was descending through the hills when a troop of monkeys were coming back, and saw that he carried nothing on his body, but had a document bag with prescriptions. Chai said: “I have medical ability.” They helped him up the peak and sat him in a stone cave, vying to present him with fruit. Presently they led an elderly monkey mother to him, who, though unable to speak, pointed to her throat within which she was suffering a phlegm cough. He gave her medicine, and after a single dose she was cured. He remained with them for several days, and the chief sent him generous tokens of his gratitude, first sending several piles of paper, which he did not accept, then juan [253] silk, which he also did not accept; he then emptied out all of the gold and silver they possessed along with the paper and silk, and he accepted all of this. The monkey troop escorted him down the slope, and to this day the Chai family remains very wealthy.

Anon., Huhai xinwen yijian xuzhi, 後2.252-53 (Tale 455):


衢州江山縣長臺村,山多猴,千百為羣,臨溪飲水,大如人形。凡有商旅,必為所劫,不害人命而利其財,率衆接臂,負藏高山,人莫得見,習以為常。忽有柴郎中自山下過,羣猴復來,視其身無有也,但便袋中有藥方。柴曰:「我能醫。」扶之登山,坐之石洞,爭進果核。頃扶老猴母來,但不能言,指其喉內痰嗽,與之藥,一服即愈。留之數日,首致謝禮,先送白紙數沓,不受;又絹 [253] 帛,亦不受;續盡以所有金銀來並前紙絹,悉受之。羣猴送下山,柴氏至今富盛。

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