Mr Yao’s Insect Venom 桃生蠱毒

A Mr Yao of Guangnan murdered people, inviting victims to eat meat and fish, and then subduing them with a form of sorcery; the meat and fish returned to life in their bellies, causing the death of the person concerned. It was rumoured that those killed were secretly put to work in his household. When a famous scholar was appointed prefectural judge for Leizhou, he investigated the matter in person, setting up a plate of flesh from a dead convict in order to test the magical technique. After a while of observation, [88] the flesh indeed grew hair; what kind of an excessive devil could do such a thing? Nonetheless, curing it is also very easy; when it is felt that the thing is in the chest, then quickly take bugbane in order to spit it out; if felt in the belly, quickly take aromatic turmeric to expel it from below. This method was printed up and distributed in Leizhou, and (the criminal) placed in prison.

Anon., Huhai xinwen yijian xuzhi, 前2.87-88 (Tale 151):

廣南桃生殺人,以魚肉延客,對之行厭勝法,魚肉能反生於人腹中,而人以死。相傳人死,陰役於其家中。有一名士嘗為雷州推官,親勘此事,置肉盤,以死囚作法,以驗其術。有頃發 [88] 視,肉果生毛,何物淫鬼乃能爾也!然解之亦甚易,但覺有物在胸臆間,則急服升麻以吐之,覺在腹中,急服鬱金以下之。此方雷州印施,蓋得之於囚也。

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