The Haimen Tiger 海門虎

In the eighth month of the second year Chunxi (18 August to 16 September, 1175), in Xiasha, Haiman County, Tongzhou, a savage tiger suddenly emerged. Of the oxen, sheep, pigs and dogs belonging to the populace, a great many were consumed. The residents feared its coming, and when dusk fell would emerge to fend it off. The windows and doors of old Man Chen’s cottage were all flimsy and would collapse at a touch. Chen spoke to his wife and children, saying: “The tiger will only eat a certain number of people. Our family has eight members, and I fear we are due a catastrophe, so I will now go and undertake that role.” His wife and children lamented and urged him not to, but he paid no heed. When he opened the door, he saw the tiger. It bore an arrow in its flank, so he reached with his hand and pulled it out. The tiger leapt into the air and roared, made a show of great happiness, and departed. The next night, it threw a wild pig to them as a reward, and from then on was seen no more.

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Human Face, Pig Body 人面豬形

[257] In the Zhiyuan era, the gengchen year (1280), a sow in the household of Yang Liusi, to the east of Longquan County in Chuzhou, gave birth to a litter of seven. One of them had a pig’s body and a human face, eyes like those of a phoenix, a long and curved lower jaw, its mouth and nose leaving it unable to suckle milk. This form was terrifying, so after a day it was shot dead.

Anon., Huhai xinwen yijian xuzhi, 後2.256-57 (Tale 465):


[257] 至元庚辰,處州龍泉縣東楊六四家豬母生七子,其一豬身人面,眼相如鳳,下頷長而彎腫,其口鼻不能食乳,怪狀可畏,踰日而斃。

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