An Earthen Statue Sprouts Boils 泥像生癰

On Baoshan, in Jianyang County, Jianning Prefecture, stands the Nanyue Zhongjing Wangxing Temple, extremely rich in fragrant incense and worshippers. Scholar officials entreating the spirits, begging for dreams, were rarely absent for a single day. To the rear of the temple was a clothed figurine of a temple maid, on whom the craftsmen had not yet carved the face. Presently a rich woman from Shao Prefecture arrived to offer incense, and a craftsman modelled the face on her, without her knowledge. The lady later came to suffer from sores on the head, and the various medicines had no effect. It happened that a physician said: “At Baoshan there is a temple maid; in appearance she is just like this patient, and now, due to rain and damp she is afflicted by moistness around the head, and has never been put right.” The rich family marveled at these words, and urgently sent people to go and look; it was indeed so. They then ordered artisans to repair it, and her sores then healed.

Anon., Huhai xinwen yijian xuzhi, 前2.81 (Tale 141):



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