Sprinkling Wine 潑散酒漿

Long ago an official was travelling through the mountains and, on reaching an isolated place, saw a wine shop, and went to buy some wine. A woman took his payment, and disappeared inside for a long time, before finally emerging carrying the wine. The colour of that liquor was as red as blood, and the taste was quite exquisite. When he wanted to buy some more to drink, the woman wept and told him: “Do not buy this. When your servant was alive I loved to sprinkle wine, and now suffer retribution. Whenever anyone comes to buy wine, I must supply them by squeezing it out of my own body.” At this the official glanced about fearfully and left in haste. After travelling for several li, he questioned someone on the road, whose reply: “There is no wine shop there”, left him even more terrified. This was a manifestation of the nether world authorities, to warn the public.

Anon., Huhai xinwen yijian xuzhi, 前2.103 (Tale 178):



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