A Cat Bears A Baby 貓母生孩

In the Zhiyuan era, the renwu year (1282), a cat belonging to Xu Ruxian of Fuyun Village in Lishui County became pregnant, giving birth to three babies, one of which had hands, feet, face and eyes that were all like a human’s, and which was also capable of human speech. His (i.e., Ruxian’s) wife, née Ji, told her mother, who did not believe her, and picked it up to examine it. The mother thought it a demon, and inauspicious, so anxiously ordered the maid to beat it to death and bury it in the back garden. After three days had passed, the mother herself went to the burial plot in the garden, and suddenly dropped dead, without any sign of illness.

Anon., Huhai xinwen yijian xuzhi, 後2.254 (Tale 459):



Yuan Haowen 元好問, Chang Zhenguo 常振國 (ed), Xu Yijian zhi 續夷堅志 (Continued Records of the Listener), and Anon., Jin Xin 金心 (ed.), Huhai xinwen yijian xuzhi 湖海新聞夷堅續志 (Continuation of Records of the Listener with New Items from the Lakes and Seas) (Beijing: Zhonghua shuju, 1986).


Author: Geoff Humble

Hobby translator of mosty 14th century Chinese texts. Enjoys strange tales. Image is my doodle based on an element within this work: http://archive.asia.si.edu/collections/edan/object.php?q=fsg_F1938.4

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